lezingen en cursussenIk verzorg regelmatig lezingen voor het algemene publiek over vragen rondom kindertaalverwerving. 

De afgelopen tijd heb ik o.a. de volgende lezingen verzorgd:






In collaboration with Child Tuition we have developed language playhouses with the aim to aid children’s language acquisition.

The aim of Child Tuition is to make games to teach children English and computer skills to give them a better chance in life. We believe that children love to play and that playful learning provides better learning experiences. Children that live in situations where educational materials are not freely available and where good teachers are hard to find can use our games to teach themselves.

language playhouse

The first language playhouse using the English language was developed in Rotterdam and the aim is to place that in India at the campus of Snehalaya in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra - India. The construction is ongoing.

language playhouselanguage playhouse

Particularly with the increasing number of refugees in the Netherlands and the large number children that enter school with insufficient knowledge of Dutch to thrive at school the need for a Dutch Language Playhouse arose. The development was made possible through the collaboration of Child Tuition, Radboud University, KION, Conexus and Municipality of Nijmegen.

The opening of the first Dutch Language Playhouse at primary (schakelklas) school De Bloemberg was on November 9, 2018.

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