The acquisition and the phonological structure of coronal fricatives in Polish

Researcher on the project

Maja Ciumak (junior researcher) (April 1, 2009 - April 1, 2010) Maja Ciumak

The Polish coronal fricative system is extremely interesting from various linguistic perspectives. From a typological perspective, Polish has an alveolar, a retroflex, and an alveopalatal fricative on top of the coronal fricative that appears in palatalizing contexts. From a theoretical perspective the challenge is to provide a feature analysis for this extremely complex system. From an acquisition perspective the system challenges the status of coronal as a universal default and underspecified place of articulation. And finally, from a historical perspective the current Polish system is also interesting. This research addresses all perspectives, but its focus is on the acquisition of the Polish obstruent system to gain insight into the phonological representation of these sounds.

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