The acquisition of phoneme categories in Dutch and Japanese infants: a cross-linguistic study (2010-2013).

Researcher on the project:

Sho Tsuji

Sho Tsuji

Supervisors: Paula Fikkert and Anne Cutler

Short project description:
The extensive study of infants' phonological acquisition over the past years has provided us with a good picture of infants' spoken language perception from the earliest stages until they start building up a lexicon. However, we still lack a coherent picture of how phonetic knowledge develops into more abstract phonological representations, and in which stage which cues are picked up from the signal. One approach to study how children build up their phonological representations is to look at early perceptual asymmetries, as they tap into something developing, but still not quite complete. The current project originates from this approach and extends it into two directions. One extension is a cross-linguistic comparison in order to assess the universality versus language-specificity of these asymmetries. The other aims to identify the kinds of experiences, or input types, that trigger them.

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