Language Acquisition Group

The language acquisition group is a meeting twice a month to discuss ongoing research at the Radboud University . The meetings generally take place during the lunch break.

The next meeting will be on:
15 November 2007, Jorinde Langeslag – As to the manner born

Previous talks:

18 October 2007, Esther Hanssen – The development of spelling skill: children's spelling of <d> and <t> in word medial position.
27 September 2007, Christophe dos Santos – Phonological processes and abstract representation in child language.
15 June 2007, Yvan Rose – an Update on Phon
29 May 2007, Ineke van der Craats – IS en GA als markeerders van een morfologisch onvermogen
17 April 2007, Raquel Santos – Acquisition of vowel external sandhi in Brazilian Portuguese: development of the processes
13 March 2007 Acquisition of phonology workshop
27 February 2007, Linda van Meel
6 februari 2007, Joanne van Emmerik
23 januari 2007, Nicole Altvater-Mackensen - Over de verwerving van nasalen in het Nederlands en Duits, en
Anastasia Lysenko (gast uit Rusland) – Over de verwerving van fonologie in het Russisch
28 November 2006, Joanne van Emmerik
14 November 2006, Aoju Chen – Acquisition of intonation
10 October 2006 – Loes Oldenkamp, 'Leerbaarheid van inflectie in het Nederlands als tweede taal: morfologische en fonetisch-fonologische aspecten'.
26 September– Anneke Neijt, D-preferences in spelling acquisition. Effects of word class (prosody) and morphological structure
12 September 2006  – Raquel Santos & Paula Fikkert, Comparing acquisition of Germanic and Romance prosodic systems
20 June 2006 - Paula Fikkert, Phonological memory and phonological constraints
9 May 2006 - Yang Ning, Interpretations of indefinites in Chinese
20 April 2006 - Ineke van der Craats, Phonological memory II
23 March 2006 - Ineke van der Craats, Phonological memory I
9 March 2006 - Joanne van Emmerik
16 February 2006 - Annika van der Made
2 February 2006 - Paula Fikkert, Getting sound structures in mind.

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