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Child language lab The research described below has been carried out at the Child Language Lab in Nijmegen. This lab specialized in production and perception studies with older children.

Children received a small present for participation, such as a T-shirt, a bear or a handpuppet. postzak met berenThis present is made in Bangladesh , and is part of a program to support women.

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This project was supported by SUMU.


Studies and Research Goals

Our research interest is in the learning systems that allow humans to acquire language and the nature of the representations for sounds and words in our mental lexicon. We investigate this through experiments looking at how children learn to perceive and produce language. By looking at the development of sound patterns and words, we can understand how language is learned, and how young language learners represent language. There are a number of current studies running in the lab, looking at various aspects of language development.

Perception and production of phonotactic probabilities.

Interactions between segmental and prosodic structure.

Acquisition of stress patterns.

Interactions between phonological and syntactic development (with Diane Ohala).

Cluster acquisition

Frequency and place of articulation in lexical development.

Phonotactics and morpho-phonological acquisition (Annemarie Kerkhoff).


The Child Language Lab was developed and is co-directed by Paula Fikkert and Tania Zamuner. We collaborate closely with the Baby Research Center.   Funding comes from the VIMP grant awarded to Paula Fikkert and the VENI grant awared to Tania Zamuner.


Paula Fikkert
Principle Investigatorpaula
Tania Zamuner
Principle Investigatortania
Ellen Westrek
Lab Manager and Research Assistant ellen
Gerieke Wijers
Research Assistantgerieke
with Annemarie Kerkhoff
Collaborator, Utrecht Universityannemarieklein
Claartje Levelt
Collaborator, Leiden University claartje
Diane Ohala
Marleen van de Avoird
alumni Research Assistant

Representative Publications and Presentations

Fikkert, P., Heugten, M. van, Offermans, P., & Zamuner, T.S. (2005). Rhymes as a window into grammar. In A. Brugosl, M. R. Clark-Cotton, & S. Ha (Eds.), Proceedings of the 29 th Boston University Conference on Language Development Vol. 1. (pp. 204-215). Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press.

Fikkert, P., Levelt, C., & Zamuner, T.S. (2005, October). Learning underlying forms: Evidence from child perception. Paper presented at the North East Linguistic Society (NELS) 36, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.

Zamuner, T.S. (2005, May). Phonotactics and Phonological Acquisition . Invited talk. School of Communication Sciences and Disorders. University of Western Ontario, London .

Zamuner, T.S. (in press). Sensitivity to word-final phonotactics in 9- to 16-month-old infants. Infancy.

Zamuner, T.S., Kerkhoff, A., & Fikkert, P. (2006 ). Acquisition of voicing neutralization and alternations in Dutch. Proceedings of the 30 th Boston University Conference on Language Development, Boston, MA.

Zamuner, T.S., Kerkhoff, A., Fikkert, P., Westrek, E. (2005, July). Dutch children's acquisition of morpho-phonological alternations in plural formation. Poster presented at the Xth International Congress for the Study of Child Language, Berlin, Germany.

This lab is linked to the Baby Research Center

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